…one of the greatest maladies facing the modern world is too much action. Action, more action, and still more action punctuate the life of man from the cradle to the grave. Seldom can he spend even five minutes in silence to relax.

Today man can travel at twice the speed of sound in supersonic jets. On land, he can travel at an incredible speed in the so called ‘bullet train’, and skim over the ocean surface in a hovercraft. In all the spheres of human activities, the trend is to do more in a shorter period of time. He rushes here and there as modern living makes great demand on him. He snatches a hasty meal and dashes off again to join the daily rat race. He leaps into bed, tosses and turns for half the night. Just as he dropping off to sleep, the alarm clock goes and he is up once again to begin yet another day. For too long, modern man has abused his body and mind. Human nerves just cannot withstand the pace at which he lives today. So, it will only be a matter of time before they give away. Nature never hurries; neither should we…

~ K Sri Dhammananda 

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